Welcome to Rochdale Evangelical Church!

We started meeting in January 2021 mid-pandemic, which has had its challenges, but we’re pleased to be up and running and would love to get to know you. We currently meet at the Scout Hut on Watkin Street, Rochdale.

Our name Rochdale Evangelical Church tells you quite a lot about us.

We are for Rochdale
We’re a local church started by people living in Rochdale, for people living in Rochdale. Our goal is to tell people in the town the best news there has ever been – the news about Jesus Christ.

We are Evangelical
Evangelical is a word you may not have come across before. It describes what we believe the message of Jesus is. In particular, we find that message reliably recorded in the Bible for us.

Bad News
Jesus’ message is about the all-powerful God who created a wonderful and perfect world. It was a world where humans lived in perfect harmony with God, each other and the rest of creation. But we know that’s not the world we see right now...

Good News
Jesus’ message is good news though. He tells us that God really loves people and has always had a plan to re-create the world of perfect harmony. We call that heaven. And his wonderful plan wasn’t to wipe us out, but to provide a way for us back to that harmony...

Our Response
That message requires a response, which is to turn from our rebellion against God (what the Bible calls repentance) and turn to Jesus and put our trust in him and seek to live for him (what the Bible calls belief or faith)...

We are a Church
The final word in our name is church. A church isn’t really a building – we haven’t got one of those yet! A church is really just a group of people who have put their trust in Jesus, meeting together...

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rochdale evangelical church from streetview