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During these uncertain times we live in at the moment, it’s easy to become unsettled when you hear so many bad reports. However, we trust in the God who delivers us. I share this verse from Colossians chapter 1 verse 17,

He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.

This verse has brought me great comfort throughout this week. We can thank God that He is holding all things together by His powerful Word. When things are begin shaken, the things that will hold firm are the things that are in Christ Jesus. We are called to make Him our hiding place.

Abide in Christ.

Kirkholt Community Church Bible study

Kirkholt Community Church Youtube Channel


Open Door Remote Church - 27th Sept 2020 (Duration 47mins)

Join with us as we worship Jesus, explore God’s word and share some very exciting news!


Open Door Remote Church - 30th Aug 2020 (Duration 43mins)

It’s great to have you join us and we pray that you are encouraged and built up as we worship Jesus together online.


Open Door Remote Church - 26th July 2020 (Duration 1hr 10mins)

It’s been a while… but we’re delighted to have you join with us once again for our monthly, online service from Open Door Church, Rochdale.


Open Door Remote Church - Week 15, 28th June 2020 (Duration 1hr 10mins)

This week we’re joined by the infamous and irreplaceable Issy as co-host, who will be helping us through communion. We also catch up with Barbara Steele, as well as digging into the third, and final session exploring our new vision – ‘flourish’


Open Door Remote Church - Week 14, 21st June 2020 (Duration 1hr 10mins)

Richard Wheeldon will be leading us in worship as well as sharing some thoughts from his farm and then we’ll be digging into the second piece of our Vision:



Open Door Remote Church Week 12, 7th June 2020 (Duration 1hr 30mins)

Welcome to week 12! We’re back for another week of Remote Church and we’re so glad you could join us.

This week’s service is longer than usual (90 minutes) and is jam-packed with good stuff, so grab a brew and get comfy!

We’ll be sharing testimony, worship and readings as well as being super excited to share the first of three talks exploring Open Door’s new vision all about ‘Trust’.


Open Door Remote Church

Come and join Gaz, Liz and family as we enjoy another faith-filled hour of worship and encouragement, exploring God’s character and Word together.


It’s week 10 of Open Door Remote Church and we want to invite you to spend some time in worship with Gaz and Issy. We’ll also be exploring how we can have right thinking when it comes to heaven, as we look at The Bible together.

So get a brew and your Bible and let’s lift Jesus high from our homes!




Good morning, and welcome to Open Door Remote Church. We have a buffet of treats this morning with a reading from Andy King plus worship and ministry with John and Chris Nuttall.



Information added June 2020