Bethel Christian Community is a fun, family, community church.(Previously known as Silver Street Christian Fellowship before it was restored to founding name). A place to meet with God who loves you. A place where freedom and healing are found. A place where you can learn what it is to be a son, to be accepted, to advance the kingdom, and live in celebration.

Currently the church is being led by Edward and Joanna Ahmad and supported by a team of elders.

In 1934, Edward Jefferies (son of Stephen Jefferies) was used by God to lead a major revival in the North West. The main centre was in Bootle, Liverpool, with 10.000 plus attending over many months and extensive healings, signs and wonders happening.

From this a network of churches called Bethel was birthed from this in the North West region, one being in Rochdale with a membership of 1,000 and many signs and wonders taking place. The church changed names a number of times and came to be at its current location on Silver Street in 1980ís.

Everyone who comes to us new, or as visitors, share that they find us to be a welcoming, loving, caring community, with Father, Son and Holy spirit at the heart, and a good number of people have joined us and stayed in recent years.

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